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Rising Global Interest in Farmland

Can it yield sustainable and equitable benefits?

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Welcome to the online discussion on the World Bank report, jointly hosted by the Global Donor Platform and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

The EU working group on land issues has responded critically to the World Bank report

They make a number of important points, including:

  1. This is also a global ‘water grab’. The EU group criticises the report for not mentioning the problem of water rights. “The growing shortage of global water resources,” they argue, points to the fact “that many of the ‘land grabs’ we are seeing are also ‘water grabs’.”
  2. There is no reference to human rights. The EU group says that the “report lacks any reference to the human rights, especially the right to food”. They recommend that “action of governments, international organizations, investors and civil society should be rights-based with specific reference to the right to adequate food”.

What do you think of the EU land group’s response?

To read the response and comment it, visit the Public sector page.


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To gather inputs on recommendations for next steps from the perspective of key stakeholder groups: civil society, public sector (governments, donors and international organisations) and private sector. The outcomes will be considered at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Annual Meetings 9 – 10 Oct 2010.

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